Mary Ellen Merrigan Trunk Show – APR 27

11am – 6pm Thursday, April 27 | “Let’s Party!” …and Party Pretty when you join Mary Ellen

Silk Road Connection, 5200 Eubank NE, Ste. E-6, (Spain & Eubank) Albuquerque.

  • S I P & S H O P 4pm – 6pm

“Ooh!” and “Aaah!” over her collection of one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces.

About Mary Ellen Beads:

Bead Jewelry Albuquerque Romances Your Soul

My beading heart emerged in 2007. Suddenly beads and bead jewelry became as essential to my being as water and air. The joy of handmade bead jewelry surpassed every other craft experience I’d known. The artform of beading spoke directly to my soul.


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